bootable macOS hackintosh usb using mist bootable macOS hackintosh usb using mist

Create Bootable macOS 14 Sonoma USB Using Mist – 2024 Guide

Mist is a very handy tool to create bootable macOS USB Installer for those who want to do clean install/ re-install older or newer versions of macOS like Monterey, Ventura, Big Sur, Catalina or even older on mac hardware or in Hackintosh using Opencore.

If you are creating a new bootable USB of macOS in 2024 using old methods like gibmacOS or Internet Recovery, be ready to troubleshoot stalled downloads, corrupted USB media installers, and time-consuming processes. Let me show you a more efficient tool: Mist.

macOS Sequoia Developer Beta is available through gibmacOS as Mist is currently not updated for latest catalogue, please check the gibmacOS guide.

Why Use Mist?

Mist is a handy macOS utility that can automatically download firmware and installers for your Mac devices, including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacPro, iMac, MacMini, and Mac Studio. It’s also great for setting up USB drives for Hackintosh. According to their GitHub page, Mist offers several convenient features:

  • Lists All Available macOS Firmwares/Installers: Displays names, versions, builds, release dates, and sizes. It can also show beta versions of macOS and filter versions compatible with the Mac you’re using.
  • Export Options: You can export lists as CSV, JSON, Property List, or YAML.

Downloading macOS Firmwares/Installers

  • For Apple Silicon Macs:
    • Download a Firmware Restore file (.ipsw) and validate its SHA-1 checksum.
  • For Intel-based Macs (Universal for macOS Big Sur and later):
    • Generate an Application Bundle (.app), Disk Image (.dmg), or Bootable Disk Image (.iso) for use with virtualization software like Parallels Desktop, UTM, VMware Fusion, and VirtualBox.
  • Generate a macOS Installer Package (.pkg):
    • Supports packages on macOS Big Sur and newer, even those with a massive 12GB+ payload!
    • Optionally codesign Disk Images and macOS Installer Packages and cache downloads to speed up build operations.

Mist also allows you to select custom Software Update Catalogs, listing and downloading macOS installers from standard sources or beta programs like the AppleSeed Program, Apple Developer Program, and Apple Beta Software Program.

This method can only be used on macOS Monterey or newer. For Windows or any macOS version older than Monterey, please use gibmacOS for now.

Downloading Mist Installer:

  1. Go to Mist Repo and Star it.
  2. Go to the releases page and download the latest release, or if you have Homebrew installed, just open Terminal and type:

    brew install --cask mist

    mist installer kextcache
  3. Download the Installer DMG file.
    mist installer kextcache
  4. Open the Downloaded File.
    mist installer kextcache
  5. Drag & Drop the Mist Application into Applications folder.
    mist installer kextcache
    Mist is now Installed on your current Operating System.

Creating Bootable macOS Sonoma 14.1 Installation Media.

By now, You have Mist installed on your mac & now lets create bootable media using the Mist tool.

  1. Open Mist.
    mist installer kextcache
  2. Let it refresh its database & links.
    mist installer kextcache
  3. Go to Installers.
    mist installer kextcache
  4. Select “Include Betas” if you want to make Public / Developer beta bootable Installation Media. (We’ll be Installing macOS Sonoma 14.2 Release Version)
  5. Click on Create Bootable Media Installer Button then Click Open Disk Utility.
    mist installer kextcache

Preparing USB Drive for bootable macOS Installer:

  1. In Disk Utility Click on Show All Devices.
    mist installer kextcache
  2. Insert your USB Drive (Minimum 32GB, USB 2.0 Preferred) into USB port and Select your USB Drive.
    mist installer kextcache
  3. Click on Erase (This will FORMAT your USB Drive).
    mist installer kextcache
  4. Rename your USB Drive & Select Format as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) using GUID Partition Map.
    mist installer kextcache
  5. Click Erase.

Preparation is now complete & now go back to Mist.

Downloading & Writing macOS to USB Drive while making it Bootable

  1. Refresh & Select your USB Drive from drop down menu.
    mist installer kextcache
  2. Now thanks to Mist, It will auto-magically download, verify & create the Bootable macOS Installer USB Drive. Download & Verify might take some time depends on your mac Internet Connection, USB Drive & Processor. For us it took 30 minutes.
    bootable macOS hackintosh usb using mist
  3. After Completion you’ll be greeted by screen like this. Click on Close.

Installing on Hackintosh? Installation Guide is now live.

You have now successfully created a bootable macOS USB drive with the help of Mist. To use it as a bootable drive for your Mac, simply insert the USB drive into a USB port and restart your system while holding the Option key. For a detailed Hackintosh Sonoma guide, stay tuned as I will be posting a series on building a Hackintosh from scratch to post-install in 2024. Feel free to comment if you have any queries or suggestions!

bootable macOS hackintosh usb using mist

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