Access Files On Hackintosh Locked by iCloud or FindMy App

This Guide is for those who have Accidently Locked their Hackintosh via iCloud or FindMy App and not been able to Unlock it by any means. Sometime it could be Scary if you Use Hackintosh as Your Daily Driver and All Your Work Files are locked into it. This Guide Covers backing Up the Data out of Locked Hackintosh and Re-Flash/Reset the BIOS.

WARNING: it may accidentally corrupt your macOS Installation so you might have to Reinstall.

So, let’s Get Started.


  1. USB 2.0 Flash Drive (<32GB)
  2. Access To any Other working macOS System.
  3. Internet Connection

[GUIDE] Install Clover Bootloader In USB or EFI Partition


This is a Temporary Fix.

  1. Boot Into Your Bootloader
  2. Boot Using The Boot Flags -s and -v
  3. When You Get To Bash, type “nvram -c” without quotation marks
  4. Now Type “exit” Without Quotation Marks And You Should Be Able To Access Your Old Files.

If you’ve Been Able to recover your files head up to check if the current Installation is working or you have to reinstall your macOS again.

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