Troubleshooting Common Issues on Arch Linux

Arch Linux, acclaimed for its simplicity , customization and powerful kernel, may encounter occasional issues. In this guide, utilizing the user-friendly EndeavourOS distribution, we’ll be troubleshooting some common problems. Now, let’s seamlessly explore concise solutions for Arch Linux users.

In this blog, we will be covering all the possible issues that are common in Arch Linux. Since, I am a EndeavourOS user so I will be using console. The commands and issues for all other distributions of Arch Linux remains same. We have made it easy by using kernel commands in it.

Optional Part : If you want to try using EndeavourOS then visit the official EndeavourOS website and download using ISO file. Once you have installed take a look at my Arch linux beginners guide.


STEP 1 : Refreshing Database Packages

Open a console and type < sudo pacman -Syu >

Updating the system packages
Avoid if you encounter any mirror issue.

This will synchronize the package databases and upgrade all installed packages to their latest versions.

STEP 2 : Troubleshooting Internet Connection

Verify your internet connection by pinging a reliable server. Just type the following command in console < ping -c 4 >

Checking ping and internet connection by kernel command
Check ping through a reliable server such as google.

STEP 3 : Troubleshooting Dependency Issues

Address installation or update failures due to missing dependencies. Enter the following command in kernel < sudo pacman -Syyu >

This command refreshes package databases and upgrades the system, tackling dependency issues.
Refreshing database packages

STEP 4 – Updating Mirrors List

You might encounter a issue in download speeds and may see some latency also, to resolve this we can update our mirrors, enter the following command in console –
<sudo pacman -S reflector >
<sudo reflector --verbose --latest 5 --sort rate --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist>

Troubleshooting the mirror and latency issue by optimizing mirror lists.
Fetch the fastest mirrors and save them to the mirrorlist file.

STEP 5 – Monitor Disk Space

Prevent issues caused by low disk space. Enter the following console command – < df -h >

This prevents the issues caused by low disk space.
You can use “htop” command as an alternative.

STEP 6 : Resolving Pacman Locks

If you encounter a database lock issue, remove the lock file, use the following console command – < sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck >

Troubleshooting a pacman lock issue
Resolve pacman lock issue

Note – If you receive a “no such file in directory” message that means your computer system doesn’t have a problem of pacman lock. Kindly ignore it.

STEP 7 : Troubleshooting Boot Problem

Investigate boot issues by checking system logs, Enter the following command in kernel/console. < journalctl -xe >

Configuring System Logs
System Logs

STEP 8 : Graphics Driver Check

Confirm correct graphics driver installation. Check the details of your graphics card in a sequence it is written

Checking graphics card installation.


If you are a Arch linux user and you love to play games on Arch based distributions then kindly refer to the gaming guide on Arch Linux.


Troubleshooting Arch Linux need not be overwhelming. With EndeavourOS and these straightforward steps, you can easily navigate and resolve common issues. For more detailed guidance, refer to the Arch Wiki and EndeavourOS forums. Happy troubleshooting!

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