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Is macOS 15 the End of Hackintosh?

Apple’s WWDC is just around the corner, and the tech world is buzzing with anticipation for the unveiling of macOS 15. For the Hackintosh community, this event is particularly significant, as it may determine the fate of Intel-based builds. While we wait for the official announcement, let’s set some ground rules to keep the community discussions productive and respectful.

The Crystal Ball is Cloudy

Right now, no one knows for sure if macOS 15 will be compatible with Intel-based Hackintoshes. Speculation is rampant, but the truth is, we simply don’t have enough information. Therefore, let’s refrain from posting questions like “Will macOS 15 work on my Hackintosh?” The answer won’t magically appear just because you asked.

Raspberry Pi and ARM Windows Devices: Not Happening

Let’s be realistic: the chances of running macOS 15 on a Raspberry Pi or ARM Windows device are slim to none. Apple’s custom silicon is a different beast altogether, and it’s highly unlikely that it will play nice with these platforms. So, let’s not waste time on wishful thinking.

WWDC: Brace for the Floodgates

During WWDC, Hackintosh forums will likely be bombarded with posts about macOS 15. To maintain order and ensure quality discussions, posting will be limited. We don’t want to be inundated with either celebratory “Intel is alive!” posts or panicked “Intel is dead!” lamentations. Let’s wait for the official announcement and then discuss the implications calmly and rationally.

Sonoma: Your Testing Ground

If you’re confident that Intel will survive the macOS 15 transition, and you’re eager to try it out on your Hackintosh, start by testing your setup on Sonoma. Disable any kexts that are likely to break, such as Intel WiFi and Broadcom WiFi, and stick to the essentials like Lilu, VirtualSMC, and possibly Whatevergreen. This will give you a better idea of what to expect when macOS 15 arrives.

Patience is Key

Even if macOS 15 supports Intel, it may not boot on your Hackintosh right away. If you encounter issues, resist the urge to bombard developers with requests for help. They are probably already working on solutions, and your patience will be appreciated. Remember, the Hackintosh community thrives on collaboration and mutual respect.

Stay Tuned

The next few weeks will be exciting for the Hackintosh community. Let’s stay informed, engage in productive discussions, and support each other as we navigate the macOS 15 landscape. Who knows what the future holds? It might be a new era of possibilities or the end of an era. Either way, let’s face it together.

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