What the Heck is OpenCore Bootloader and What it means to Hackintosh Community?

What is OpenCore Bootloader?

Opencore Bootloader is the new bootloader popping out of nowhere and is getting lots of love from the Hackintosh community due to its robustness and speed and wide support for AMD processors. While it is still in beta, The System booted with Opencore tends to be more stable and fast and the bootloader currently in its public beta stage which is considered only to be used by Experienced Hackintosh Users or the Users who are happy to troubleshoot the system when any new problem occurs. It is an Alternative Bootloader to Clover and Chameleon and can also be used by real macs for Emulated EFI purposes

Benefits of Opencore:

  • Fast and Robust
  • it supports both UEFI and Legacy modes.
  • Auto Drive boot is Handeled by StartUp Disk just like a real Mac
  • it has the ability to boot both Linux and Windows with the same ACPI Table.
  • Improved Kext Injection in comparison to Clover Bootloader.
  • Better Security
  • Secure-Boot like Functions, via Vaulting


  • Fast Boot
  • VT-d(can be enabled if you set DisableIoMapper to YES)
  • CSM
  • Thunderbolt
  • Intel SGX
  • Intel Platform Trust
  • CFG Lock(MSR 0xE2 write-protection)
    • If this can’t be turned off in the BIOS(or even found) please consider patching it out. See Fixing CFG Lock for more info.
      • AMD CPU users don’t need to worry about it.


  • VT-X
  • Above 4G decoding
  • Hyper-Threading
  • Execute Disable Bit
  • EHCI/XHCI Hand-off
  • OS type: Windows 8.1/10 UEFI Mode


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