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[GUIDE] Make KDE Plasma look like macOS Big Sur

Photo by Lukas Hellebrand on Unsplash

Apple recently released macOS Big Sur with UI Overhaul through the whole Operating System and it’s now possible on Linux too thanks to the Active Community of developers. For the sake of this guide we’re using KDE Plasma to cover various module theming, Follow the guide step-by-step for the final result.

Or If you want to make Real macOS Big Sur Hackintosh, Follow this

Lets Start from Theming Settings:

System Setting:

Workspace Behavior –

 Window Management –

System Theme:

Global Theme – Get new theme – Search for “whitesur” & “whitesur Dark” – install them – select one of them –    Apply

Application Style – Configure GNOME/GTK Application Style – Download New GNOME/GTK Application Style –  Search for “BigSur” – Install – IN GTK2 & GTK3 select macOS… – Apply


Color Scheme, Icon Theme, and Cursors:

Icons – Get new Icons… – Search for “Mkos-Big-Sur” – install it – Go back and select it – Apply

Cursors – Get new Cursors… – Search for “McMojave cursors – install it – Go back and select it – Apply

Startup and shutdown – Splash Screen – Check if “WhiteSur / WhiteSur-dark is selected – if not select and Apply

Installing and Configuring Kvantum Manager:

Go to your Package Manager – Search “Kvantum Manager” – Install – Apply


Manjaro/Arch :
sudo pacman S kvantum-qt5

Ubuntu/Debian :
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:papirus/papirus
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install qt5-style-kvantum

sudo zypper in kvantum

Fedora :
sudo dnf install kvantum

Download this Theme for Kvantum –

Installing Plasma Widgets:

On Desktop – Right Click – Add Widgets… – Download New Plasma Widgets – Search and Install –

Installing and Configuring Latte-Dock:

Go to your Package Manager – Search “Latte” – Install (The git one) – Apply

Latte-Dock Layout Mac big sur :

Download the files marked in the image:-

Configuring Lock screen:

 System Setting – Startup and shutdown – Login Screen – Get new Login Screens – “WhiteSur SDDM” – install – Select it – Apply

Addition Settings:

That’s it! Enjoy Your macOS Big Linux.

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